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Riccardo Marchetto

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Cosmic’s team was looking for a new space-derived technology to apply to daily water leaks issues, with a TTP (Technology Transfer Project), from space technologies to terrestrial applications. The research showed the possibility of controlling soil moisture content by measuring the absorption of cosmic rays in the soil itself. These radioactive rays, come from space, through the Sun’s internal explosions or supernova explosions, which are continuously irradiating the Earth.
It is shown that some of these rays (neutrons) are only stopped by hydrogen and, of course, water (H2O) is composed also of hydrogen. Indeed, where there is a water leak there is also a big quantity of hydrogen. With our work we want to address three main problems: firstly, the percentage of water leaks, which is over 35% causes a great loss of economic resources and the possibility of inconveniences for citizens. Secondly, the big amount of water loss causes not only economic but also environmental damages for water managers. Lastly, the technology will be beneficial for the detection of wastewater leaks.

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