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Miprons S.r.l.

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Angelo Minotti

+39 328 289 1745

via Giacomo Peroni, 442-444

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MIPRONS is a Start-Up, set-up in 2019, aims at developing innovative high-performing miniaturized space propulsion systems adopting water as a propellant which is “split” into hydrogen and oxygen through a water-electrolysis process.
In particular, 2 innovative space propulsion systems are under development and patent filed:

1. “Space propulsion system” (already issued in Italy and file in additional 49 countries), is able to deliver high thrust and high Isp (specific impulse), ideal to quickly accomplish maneuvers such as orbit raising, de-orbiting, collision avoidance, etc, with low propellant weight.

2. “Low and high thrust space propulsion system”. The second patent, refers to an innovative propulsion system, capable of delivering both low and high thrust (aka multi-mode), ideal for high-precision maneuvering (attitude & control). In this way, it is possible to reply to all the satellite manoeuvres requirements (DV and RCS) with a simplified system. The systems can be installed on satellites and/or their carriers; extra-atmospheric drones; final stages of launchers; small spacecraft mission services.

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