Sigma Consulting S.r.l.

Established in 1998, Sigma Consulting S.r.l. is an systems integrator company specialized in the design and manufacturing of Electronic and ICT Systems for avionic, naval and ground platforms. Main fields of application are: EW and Intelligence, Homeland Security, Command & Control, Flight & Radar simulators, Systems Engineering. Sigma also develops IoT platforms for smart farming, smart city and telemedicine applications. Sigma is the leader company of  the ATEN IS Group.

Prospectare Brasil

Founded in 2013, Prospectare Brasil is a company specialized in the areas of Defence, Public Security and Emergency and Crisis Management, based in Brasília, Federal District, which offers services of: specialized consulting and projects; commercial representation; and services of organization, promotion and commercialization of congresses, courses, exhibitions and fairs.

Prospectare Brasil has a solid team of highly trained professionals with more than three decades of experience in projects, security, defence and government relations, with a history in the military and legal sector. The company Prospectare Brasil has a solid network of contacts in Brazil and abroad.

Since 2014, is representative of Sigma Consulting in Brazil.

Info Solution S.p.A. is specialized in consulting services for production of highly technological projects. For over 20 years Info Solution has been developing embedded electronic systems, from defining the specifications to production. Info Solution, through its branches located in Milano, Genova, and Roma, works with small and big businesses active in different sectors: aerospace and defense, telecommunications, transportation, energy, medical and industry.
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Wave S.r.l. is a microwave design centre operating in the aerospace and military industry. Since 2001 Wave supports semiconductor companies and system manufacturers in the development of new products using leading edge technologies. Wave design and manufacturing capabilities cover a wide range of target markets: MMIC design, Power Amplifiers, RF frontend for next generation MODEM, Electronic Warfare, on-board payload and ground segment satellite equipment.

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INNOVA is an Italian SME based in Matera. Founded in 1989, we count today with two Divisions: Earth Observation where our key remote sensing technology is the processing of very high-resolution SAR images; INNOVAMBIENTE® that seamlessly integrates hardware and software solutions to implement a computerized process of the complete waste collection cycle and move towards a PAYT system.

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Blue Thread S.r.l. is a small and flexible company that offers since its foundation innovative products and solutions based on satellite technology, telecommunications, sensoring and Mobile SW Apps integration, mainly addressed to the marine sector.

Blue Thread was founded June 2009, and was beneficial of the ESA Technology Transfer Program on E-GNSS technologies (European-Global Navigation Satellite Systems, EGNOS and Galileo) for the development of its first product, a Satellite-based Compass for accurate magnetic-unaffected measure of the boat true heading. Blue Thread has today a well recognized international experience in the ambit of Navigation Technology and more specifically in the use of Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) and E-GNSS systems for innovative maritime applications. It develops highly-efficient, programmable and customized AIS transceivers, integrated to Web applications and Mobile SW Apps, for Port Services (big and commercial ships, tugs,..) and Marine Parks applications (leisure yachting and sailing). Based on its acquired experience in E-GNSS and AIS systems it is taking part to National and International partnerships and development projects on maritime traffic control & management systems for big ships and cargos on Ocean routes.

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