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Airgloss S.r.l.

Environment and Green Economy



Via Adriano Olivetti, 24/26 – 00131 Rome, Italy

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Airgloss is a tech company specialized in sensor design, development, manufacturing, and commercialization. The main areas of interest are building automation and industrial application with the aim to improve air quality and in general environmental conditions, safety and comfort.


Airgloss developed and patented a unique highly performing and cost-effective gas sensing technology for environmental monitoring is based on proprietary MEMs sensing elements combined with state-of-the-art pattern recognition, allowing detection of a wide range of contaminants and also recognition of harmful events (early fire detection, gas leaks, chemical contamination) with high precision and reliability.


Airgloss has been awarded with the ESA Space Solutions trademark, created by ESA to give special recognition to products and services that make use of space technology and space-provided services.

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