Open to the growth
and transfer of innovation to the market.

In harmony with its corporate mission, Tecnopolo Roma hosts and supports innovative entrepreneurial initiatives and high-tech R&D in the Tiburtino and Castel Romano headquarters, with the priority objective of consolidating an effective aggregator of technological skills and specialisations, to be supported, promoted and made visible on the territory as well as nationally and internationally.

Taking into account this purpose and also through the performance of an intermediary role with the entrepreneurial and institutional system of the territory, Tecnopolo Roma offers established companies initiatives, activities and facilities, aimed at facilitating their presence and operations in the areas of localisation.

We support the companies and are on their side.

Tecnopolo Roma supports companies located in the Tiburtino and Castel Romano headquarters and in the territory through an integrated offer of initiatives and activities oriented to information, training, networking/matching,

Initiatives and activities are conceived, designed and implemented, such as:

  • Thematic information-training workshops and webinars, in collaboration with numerous public and private bodies and organisations
  • Networking and matching meetings
  • Support to the development of research-business interrelationships for technology transfer activities
  • Promotion of initiatives and solutions conceived and implemented by Tecnopolo Roma companies
  • Promotion of initiatives of regional and national institutional partners
  • Guidance services on:
    • Business-Research Networking
    • Internationalisation and search for contacts/partners on foreign markets
    • Industrial and intellectual property
  • Information service on technological specialisations and solutions available within Tecnopolo Roma
  • Development of networking and contacts to activate new interrelationships and collaborations with and between established companies and companies on the territory
  • Permanent support to companies for: search for institutional contacts, search for partnerships for participation in invitations to tender and in projects, etc.
Advantages for companies established here.

For companies located in Tecnopolo Roma, the company Tecnopolo S.p.A. has developed with some suppliers an offer of benefits for discounted services, in terms of applicable rates and direct contacts to be developed as needed.

The companies of Tecnopolo Roma are offered discounted services for:

To access the services, it is necessary to fill out the form below every time you want to take advantage of the benefits made available by the affiliated companies.
For preliminary information or further information, you can contact Tecnopolo Roma at Tel. +39 06 6791735

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    Our means at the service of work.

    The company Tecnopolo S.p.A. offers a series of facilities to support companies established at the two headquarters of the technology park.

    Broadband fibre optic networks

    Technopolo Roma Tiburtino is completely served by broadband in fibre optic cabling (100 Mbs) that covers the entire perimeter of the area. The data transmission system is of the “node” type, characterised by the presence of a central node prepared to receive and sort all the connections of the telephone operators. The advantage of this system consists in the possibility of limiting a possible failure, so as not to compromise the functionality of the entire network and safeguard the operation of the individual, with benefits in terms of security and savings. The internal network is managed directly by Tecnopolo S.p.A. in collaboration with the operators of the sector.

    The area of Castel Romano is also equipped with broadband in fibre optic cabling extended along the entire perimeter of the sector.

    Networks tunnel

    Positioned on the entire perimeter of the Tecnopolo Roma Tiburtino area, along the outer side of the main axis, it houses the water and electricity networks and broadband fibre optic cables, allowing a better organisation of the services, ease of inspection and control, accessibility, targeted and timely maintenance, workplace safety, less pollution and speed of connections and supplies.

    Security and Surveillance

    For the control of the viability in Tecnopolo Roma Tiburtino, a CCTV system has been created, which can be viewed remotely, for the video surveillance of road access to the various sectors and internal areas.

    In the area of Castel Romano there is a 24-hour private security system with a fixed daytime station and night patrols.

    Real estate services

    The companies located in Tecnopolo Roma Tiburtino, through the administrations of the various condominiums, benefit from assistance in the management of the buildings and in support services such as gas management, management of technical systems for the leased buildings, assistance in identifying energy suppliers, etc.

    In the Castel Romano area, Tecnopolo S.p.A. deals directly with the management and ordinary maintenance of the buildings, in terms of lease, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

    Management and maintenance of common areas

    In the areas of Tiburtino and Castel Romano, Tecnopolo Roma ensures a maintenance service of the common areas, with regard to cleaning, care of the green areas and plant maintenance for systems of shared use.

    Parking areas

    In Tecnopolo Tiburtino there are paid parking spaces and outdoor parking spaces in the parking areas owned by Tecnopolo S.p.A.

    Also in the area of Castel Romano there are outdoor parking areas and some covered with canopies for workers and visitors.

    Electrical car charging

    At the car parks of the Capannacce Complex in via Ardito Desio 60 and of the Technology Complex in via Adriano Olivetti 24/26, three points for charging electric vehicles have been installed by Axpo Energy Solutions Italia (2 Wall-boxes at the Casali Capannacce Complex and 1 Wall-box at the Technology Complex). Charging (up to 22 kW) is for all types of electric vehicles. The three charging devices are available to all those who work at the companies of Tecnopolo Tiburtino. The authentication and start of charging at the Wall-boxes takes place via RFID cards provided by Axpo.

    Halls and Meeting Rooms

    In Tecnopolo Roma Tiburtino available at the Capannacce Complex are two equipped halls of different dimensions for meetings and conferences:

    • Conference Hall: can host up to 100 people, equipped with Video-projector, Wi-Fi, PC on request, Audio system, Fixed “share” microphones and individual wireless ones
    • Meeting Room: availability up to 15 people, equipped with video-projector, Wi-Fi, PC on request
    • Sala barchessa: Scenic space, standing room for up to 100 people, born from the renovation of the ancient barchessa, it is a large space with striking glass arches overlooking the greenery and high beamed ceilings. An ideal location to host events, meetings, aperitifs and business lunches.

    Lunchroom and Bar-Cafeteria

    A large lunchroom – cafeteria space is available within the Software House complex of Tecnopolo Roma Tiburtino, open every weekday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Green areas, Belvedere, Bicycle paths, Outdoor Fitness Equipment, Musical space

    The Tecnopolo company has promoted several interventions aimed at the redevelopment of the area from an urban and landscape point of view, making today’s Tecnopolo Roma Tiburtino a green area of reference for the workers of the technological pole and for all those who live nearby.

    Inside Tecnopolo Roma Tiburtino, public and private green spaces, a bicycle path and other furnished and equipped areas have been created, such as:

    • the Capannacce Complex, a space of 9 hectares that houses the offices of Tecnopolo S.p.A., several companies, two meeting rooms, a green space, a “strolling” path
    • the Adriano Calabrini Park, 2.5 hectares dedicated to an equipped green area and a children’s playground
    • the large green space of the Belvedere Hill from which to enjoy a striking panorama of the Capital and the Castelli Romani
    • A fitness equipment area that is available in the large green space of Tecnopolo Tiburtino, frequently used by workers and residents in the surrounding areas

    The headquarters of Castel Romano rises in an area surrounded by greenery available to all workers of the established companies.

    Halls and meeting rooms open to all.

    In Tecnopolo Roma Tiburtino available at the Capannacce Complex are two equipped halls of different dimensions for meetings and conferences:

    • Large hall: can host up to 100 people, equipped with PC, projector, Wi-Fi.
    • Small hall: availability up to 15 people, equipped with PC, projector, Wi-Fi.

    Aperitifs and business lunches

    Also at the Capanacce complex, there is the Sala barchessa, a charming and elegant space with large windows overlooking the greenery, ideal for meetings and business lunches/aperitifs.

    To check availability and reserve spaces, simply contact Tecnopolo S.p.A. – tel. +39 06 41293531 –


    Workshops and thematic webinars


    Networking, Matching, Business Connection

    Research and Business Networking

    Discounted services for companies

    Guidance services

    Collaboration with public and private institutions and organisations

    Promotion and dissemination of initiatives of companies and institutions


    Broadband fibre optic networks

    Networks tunnel

    Security and surveillance

    Management and maintenance of common areas

    Parking area

    Electrical charging stations

    Conference Hall and Meeting rooms

    Lunchroom and Bar cafeteria

    Green areas


    Bicycle paths

    Fitness outdoor

    Musical space

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