About us

We focus on innovation as the key to opening new opportunities for growth, development and promotion of high-tech entrepreneurial businesses. Here, innovators always find open doors and open-minded people to reap the benefits of operating in a technology park that is a centre of excellence.

Tecnopolo S.p.A. is a joint stock company established in 1995 by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, which has a 96% participation in it.

Roma Capitale also participates in the share capital through ACEA, AMA, ATAC, the Lazio Region through Lazio Innova, Città metropolitana di Roma Capitale and ENEA (National Agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development).

Tecnopolo Roma promotes the localisation and operation of technologically innovative businesses in two different locations: Tecnopolo Roma Tiburtino, the first technological hub in the city of Rome designed and built by the Tecnopolo company itself; Tecnopolo Roma Castel Romano, acquired in 2008 and currently recognised as a research centre of excellence.

The Tecnopolo Roma system is committed to:

  • Attracting, hosting and supporting innovative entrepreneurial initiatives and high-tech R&D, to experiment, develop and test solutions, products and services.
  • Organising and promoting activities finalised at the development of research, technology transfer and the connection between research and companies.
  • Consolidating and growing its own role as aggregator hub of entities and actions aimed at promoting the birth and growth of new entrepreneurial and research initiatives.

We are an open company where participation is a value.


Year of construction

€ 93.956.016,00

Subscribed Share Capital


Giuseppe Gori

Board of Directors

Giuseppe Gori


Erino Colombi


Maria Fermanelli


Clara Fraticelli


Marcello Piacentini


Board of Statutory Auditors

Pierluigi Pace


Francesco Murdocca

Statutory Auditor

Daniela Paradisi

Statutory Auditor

Antonella Greco

Alternate Statutory Auditor

Giovanni Sapia

Alternate Statutory Auditor

General Director

Gianluca Sammaritano


Mauro Grimani


TecnoService Camere S.C.p.A


Consorzio Tecno.Tib.eri.s.

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