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All the sectors of Tecnopolo Roma

Tecnopolo Roma Tiburtino is close to the headquarters of major important Italian aerospace and defence companies and this means a concrete and useful advantage for Aerospace and Space Economy Tecnopolo cluster companies and startups, ready to offer innovative products, services, devices and solutions for aerospace, telecommunications and the defense industry.

To support the management and development of entrepreneurial activity, Tecnopolo Roma Tiburtino companies offer special services for business management, professional training, debt recovery, contact centre, training on workplace health and safety, human resources development, insurance brokerage, logistics, transport and delivery, leasing business, IT consulting and assistance, web services for main Public Administration databases’ online access, etc., thus representing a concrete point of reference for most of the needs of corporate life.

A group of companies is operating in Tecnopolo Roma Tiburtino for designing and implementing audiovisual and multimedia communication systems, and also focused on publishing, graphics and web design.

Planning, designing and integrated management of national and international engineering and architectural projects is the focus of a cluster of companies especially committed to integrated engineering services and consulting, design, construction and maintenance of integrated systems with high technological content, infrastructures adjustment and optimisation, etc.

The Environment and Green Economy cluster is specialised in energy saving, innovative ICT solutions for environmental monitoring, organic farming, improvement of the urban context, etc., thus making their contribution for developing and providing services and solutions to the transition towards green economy.
At Tecnopolo Roma Castel Romano, an important public body engaged in research and environmental protection is present with its own laboratories.

Companies and startups focused on health, biotechnologies and life sciences have been greatly increased within Tecnopolo Roma, parallel to the extensive development of the whole life sciences sector, committed to responding to the important needs of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, but especially to preventing and slowing down diseases.

Tecnopolo Roma Tiburtino represents a very important Information and Communication Technology cluster, due to the activity of many dynamic companies and startups able to offer high-quality open source, web, mobile, customised innovative ICT advanced solutions.

The Tecnopolo Roma Tiburtino ICT cluster represents more than 40% of the total number of companies established in the area.

In a regional context characterised by a high number of research centres and institutions of excellence and mainly also by small and medium-sized enterprises and startups, technology transfer turns out to be a fundamental asset to increase and consolidate the research-business connection.

At Tecnopolo Roma Tiburtino, thanks to the activity of specialised companies, SMEs and startups could be supported for better access to R&D and technological transfer.

The Tecnopolo Roma Tiburtino Mechanics and Plants Engineering cluster of companies is focused on the following: precision mechanical machining, advanced and innovative systems for machines and plants safety, design and implementation of plants for energy transformation and distribution, telecommunication and data transmission networks, integrated safety and video surveillance systems as well as many other innovative solutions.

The New Materials and Advanced Manufacturing sector is characterised, in Tecnopolo Roma Castel Romano, by RINA Consulting-Centro Sviluppo Materiali (CSM), carrying out R&D and engineering consultancy activities for the competitiveness of companies, with the aim of developing and transferring technological innovation in the strategic sector of materials, hydrogen technologies, circular economy and related design, production and use technologies to the industrial level and to the global market.

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