In Tecnopolo Roma there are large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, research centres, incubators and startups from ten different sectors. If a technology hub is, first and foremost, a concentrator of minds, here companies have the opportunity to meet so that they can collaborate and investors are able to find the talents to place their bets on. Being part of a park of excellence is a bit like this: surrounding oneself with innovation by opening oneself up to a new concept of growth.

Companies and laboratories

More than 150 businesses dedicated to innovation find space in the Tiburtino and Castel Romano headquarters.

Incubators and startups

At Tecnopolo Roma one finds the headquarters of 2 of the 6 incubators of Lazio, which host more than 30 startups operating in diverse technological macro sectors.


The two headquarters of Tecnopolo Roma gather together more than 3,000 professionals committed to work in 10 sectors of excellence in the world of technology and applied sciences.

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