Sectors & Activities

The Castel Romano Technology Park operates transversally in different business sectors, focusing primarily on those ones responding better to local needs and opportunities, with the overall objective of developing centers of excellence at national and international level.

The companies already located at the Castel Romano Park operate in the following sectors:

Centro Sperimentale Metallurgico (since 1986 Centro Sviluppo Materiali) was founded in 1963 as a corporate organization and as a crossing point for steel producers and steel users.
At present, the CSM features the structure of an intersectorial, multinational company owned by several European and overseas steel producers, steel users, engineering and high tech companies. Despite the radical changes in the company structure that took place after the privatization of the Italian iron and steel industry and its restructuring process, CSM was able to attain a key role in the “new” privatized steel industry in terms of efficiency and technological expertise. CSM can now serve, besides the iron and steel sector, big manufacturing industries operating in key economic sectors such as oil & gas, aerospace & defence, energy & environment, mechanics & transportation. The CSM has a permanent staff of more than 300 technicians and researchers, and in over forty years of experience has filed 800 patents. At present it is one of Europe’s most eminent private industrial-research organizations. Global Engineering S.r.l. is an international company operating in the service field for big structures realisation and environment quality improvement. Global Engineering is an international leader company in the market of building, ICT and research, production and trade of photocatalytic products and systems for delating polluting substances. From 2003 Global Engineering deposited 11 international patents for products and new catalytic solution. Global Engineering is certified ISO 9001.

The Biosciences Department was created by Tecnopolo and Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A., in order to implement a biotech research and development centre focused on medical and biomedical experiments and also on technological education of medical and surgeons. The main goal of the Department, really engaged in the development of research activities regarding material, biocidal products and also biotech technological innovation, is mainly to create and promote the co-operation between research and industry. The Department is strictly linked with many hospital, research centers, SMEs and big companies dealing with the biomedical research and also with national and international partners of environment, biotech and special materials sectors.The biotech companies Plaisant, Takis and Testing Point are also located in the Tecnopolo of Castel Romano.
Italy’s Superior Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA) performs technical and scientific tasks and activities of national interest aimed at protecting environment, water resources and soil. ISPRA operates on a three-year program, and devotes special attention to environmental emergencies, renewable energy sources and sustainable development. The Castel Romano Technology Park hosts ISPRA’s Environmental Metrology laboratories, whose mission is to monitor and verify technical standards.
SHAP S.p.A. Solar Heat And Power is a company working on the fields of energy, environment and innovation. SHAP starts its activities in 1985, as UTECO Engineering s.r.l. In 2002 it became a joint-stock company and its business name became SHAP S.p.A. Solar Heat And Power.

The companies of the Environment sector:

– I.S.P.R.A.

Innovation, Research and Technology Transfer
The Castel Romano Technology Park, co-owned by Tecnopolo S.p.A. and CSM S.p.A. on an equal basis, has operated for some years to promote and implement technology-transfer projects for the benefit of SMEs that are concretely interested in accessing innovative technologies.
In particular, the Consortium is able to activate innovation-support measures instituted by the Latium Region and the Chamber of Commerce of the Province of Rome.
The Consortium aims primarily to raise the technological level and the competitive capacity of SMEs operating in three sectors: the transformation and application of materials, mechanical engineering and the environment. It coordinates a set of different Technology Centers designed to disseminate and transfer innovative technologies to SMEs by providing them with specialized services and guaranteeing continuous updating of methodologies and resources.

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