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Mauro Coscia

06 98353490

via Giacomo Peroni 110 - 00131 Roma

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contaQ was founded in Rome in 2008. contaQ is a company specialized in the provision of Multichannel Contact Services, offering also full outsourcing services. contaQ offers higly flexible and scalable services to support the demand of SME as well as large international organizations and groups, with a bespoke, lean and flexible approach.

contaQ is higly trusted in the market, having a very small clients churn. They choose us for: certificated processes(ISO 9001:2015), consulting approach, results and activities progress constantly shared with the customer, effective and immediate communication, member of Assocontact and member of Ebincall, flexibility ensured by an in house developed CRM, wich allows fast service start-up, reduced start-up and recurring costs, optimization of process management, till the end user.

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