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Gyala S.r.l.

ICT, Electronics and Telecommunications


Nicola Mugnato

+39 06

via Adriano Olivetti 24 - Palazzina 5 - Piano 3 00131 Roma (RM)

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Gyala combines a deep and multi-year experience gained in Defense Systems Engineering with a deep and multi-year experience in Cyber ​​Security. Its teams design solutions and provide services in accordance with customer specifications and reference standards.
Gyala’s software solutions:
Agger – an automatic cyber defense platform for IT and OT infrastructures which, thanks to its Artificial Intelligence algorithms, is able to identify unknown threats by analyzing the behavior of running processes and communications on the network.
Uranyo is able to automatically detect and H24, every type of cyber attack – from sweeping attacks with malware/ransomware, up to the most sophisticated attack attempts (Zero Day Attack, APT), thanks to the analysis of the behavioral anomalies of the processes and of network communications.

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