Innova S.r.l. Incubator

Registered Office: via Cicerone 66 – 00193 Rome

Operationals Headquarters: Tecnopolo Roma Tiburtino
via Giacomo Peroni 386 – 00131 Rome

+39 06 40040358

+39 06 40040364

INNOVA is a private technology and business accelerator, created in Rome in 1993. It offers incubation and acceleration services to startups and innovative companies operating in cutting edge disruptive technologies in ICT (AI, IoT, machine learning, Industry 4.0 technologies) and biotech fields.

INNOVA holds branches in Italy, Poland, UK and US (Boston). The US company operates within the Cambridge Innovation Centre (MIT Incubator) supporting the creation of new US-EU venture capital scaleup partnerships.

INNOVA provides specialised support for technology validation, market acceleration, IPR protection and internationalisation. Main areas of expertise ranges from innovation assessment to technology validation, technology transfer and market take-up.

INNOVA counts on its own internal applied research lab (LABOR), certified by the Italian Ministry of Research, with competencies in design, prototyping and testing in sectors such as mechanics, IT, electronics and chemistry. LABOR is also a successful technology partner in EC-funded projects especially for funding schemes dedicated to SMEs (EIC instruments such as the EIC Accelerator).

An early stage seed capital fund complements the INNOVA business model through its technology venture fund, INVENT, that has launched so far more than 80 startups and currently holds participation in 15 high-tech startups and university spin-offs in Italy and UK in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, biotech, medical devices, and innovative materials.

INNOVA assists companies in completing series A (optimisation of products and user base) and B (expansion of the market reach) financing rounds.

INNOVA is technical advisor and consultant to international companies, leading research centres and universities across Europe, and institutional partners, among which the European Commission, the European Investment Bank, the World Bank, the ICE-ITA Agency.

In its constant mission to bridge research and market, since 1993 INNOVA:

⦁ Launched over 1,500 international technology transfer actions on European level
⦁ Promoted the creation of more than 80 high-tech start-ups especially in the digital tech, Space applications and medical devices
⦁ Has a longstanding experience in managing and contributing to EU-funded projects. In more than 25 years it has coordinated 24 projects and was involved in more than 100 as technical partner providing SW development services, specialised training, business modelling, IPR landscape assessment and scientific communication.
⦁ Conveyed more than 8,000 hours of training worldwide on innovation, technology transfer, IPR, and technology internationalisation

INNOVA is Startup Europe Ambassador, member of the Sistema Invitalia Startup network and member of the Board of Directors of ROMA Startup association.

INNOVA key asset is its team made up of researchers, engineers, business and marketing experts, public policy specialists with a long standing and consolidated knowledge in R&D, project financing, evaluation and valorisation of advanced technologies, marketing, internalisation and technology transfer at national and international level.

INNOVA is one of the five certified incubators in the Lazio region offering specialised services to support the launch and development of innovative startups in high tech and deep tech fields.

INNOVA offers incubation services to established startups and teams of innovators for the development of innovative ideas, the launch of the business, the management of the company, the formulation of strategic plans growth and expansion on national and international markets, the development of strategies for the protection of intellectual property. In addition, due to its consolidated experience and its international network of contacts, it offers specialised support to access public and private sources of financing for business consolidation.





Microelectronics and industrial automation laboratory

Laboratory of chemistry and industrial processes

Mechanical workshop for prototyping

With its own premises, INNOVA is based in the Tiburtino Technology Park counting on more than 1,500 sqm with operational offices and lab facilities.

Through its international contacts it enables access to international technology hubs and foreign technological and commercial partners.

Main services offered to the incubated and accelerated companies are:

⦁ Customer discovery
⦁ Patent landscaping and IPR protection strategies
⦁ Training on IPR, technology transfer and internationalisation
⦁ Market penetration at international level
⦁ Business growth strategies
⦁ Project financing advisory and support for fundraising
⦁ Support for team growth and business skills enhancement
⦁ Partnerships building.

Furthermore, through its internal applied research lab it offers rapid prototyping services, technical assistance for SW and app development, support for microelectronic projects and technology validation.

The Startups of the INNOVA S.r.l. incubator are the following:



Sector: Health, Biotechnology and Life Sciences

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