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NV LAB S.r.l. – Gruppo Grezzo Raw Chocolate

Health, Biotechnology and Life Sciences


Nicola Salvi

+39 329 6177268

via Giacomo Peroni 130 – 00131 Roma

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The company makes pastry and ice cream products using the raw gourmet kitchen techniques, with 100% plant-based ingredients, in their natural and biological state, without the use of semi-finished products.

Only exclusively certified biological raw materials are choosen to offer the best possible qualit, as well as  only certified biological raw materials are selected to offer the highest quality.

The products of Grezzo Raw Chocolate are naturally gluten-free, lactose-free and cruelty-free, but not for this tasteless. The natural tastes of raw materials are exalted instead, for a unique and unforgettable sensory experience.

The business company is based on the sale of raw desserts, raw chocolate products, raw ice cream, raw bars and snacks – all biological, gluten-free and lactoise-free, through two flagship stores in Rome where coffee, beverages and raw kitchen materials are also sold and an online shop.

Particularly innovative and high-quality products that meet the major emerging food trends.

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