If it is true that the future is built day by day, in Tecnopolo Roma the startups that will be the protagonists of the entrepreneurial future and the technological innovation of our territory are born and grow.

Currently, there are more than 30 young companies followed by the incubators with headquarters in Tecnopolo Roma Tiburtino:

Innova S.r.l Incubator

Aleardo Furlani S.r.l.
Almasearch S.r.l.
Avatr S.r.l.
Digital Attitude S.r.l.
Ispherea S.r.l.
Ivert S.r.l.
Moodika S.r.l.
M3.5 S.r.l.
Nides S.r.l.
Poliedrica S.r.l.
Recuperiamo S.r.l.
Switch S.r.l.


Spazio Attivo Roma Tecnopolo of Lazio Innova

Aenduo S.r.l.
Cereretech S.r.l.
Colombo Sky S.r.l.
In Quattro S.r.l.
Medicud S.r.l.
NG Detectors S.r.l.
Pryatech S.r.l.
S2G Technologies S.r.l.
Safe Structures Company
S.r.l.Titan4 S.r.l.
Tree Voice S.r.l.
Universo Energia S.r.l.
Yetitmoves S.r.l.

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