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Mirko Compagno

+39 06 45683104

via Giacomo Peroni 400 – 00131 Roma

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The Round is made up of a group of researchers who are experts in information technology and digital technologies. Thanks to its founders, The Round has begun, among the first ones in Italy, to create products – and then services – in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality since 2009, following the continuous evolution of techniques, methodologies and tools. Progressively the conformation of The Round team has expanded by including IT experts in different areas: from eXtended Reality to Web Development, from Human-Computer Interaction to Digital Marketing and e-Learning 4.0. The main feature of the group is the ability to integrate innovative digital technologies. Since 2017 The Round has been collaborating with Intech-Microwaves as their division of “eXtended Reality and Innovation Management.

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