Technological networks and systems

Advanced technology and energy saving are furthered by the installation of innovative networks and equipment that guarantee the best conditions for their access and use by companies located at the Park.
A centralized three-way cogeneration plant, photovoltaic installations and broadband optical-fiber cabling all around the Park’s perimeter make it possible to meet all energy and data-transmission needs, guaranteeing optimal use and savings on operating costs.
Security – a must for companies that operate at the Technology Park – is provided by state-of-the-art active and passive defense systems.

Tecnopolo Tiburtino companies can benefit from the following structures and services:

– Photovoltaic plants and L.E.D.
– Services tunnel
– Broadband
– Security system
– MEGALAB network

Photovoltaic plants and L.E.D.
A photovoltaic platform roof is already implemented within the Tecnopolo Tiburtino, providing energy and lighting for Tecnopolo offices. The lighting L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) is also implemented so producing a sensible consumptions decrease and energy costs reduction, together with an improvement of visual comfort.

Services tunnel
The services tunnel, containing water and electric mains and the broadband optical-fiber cables, runs all around the Park’s perimeter. It serves all high-tech utilities needs, enabling optimal services organisation, easy inspection and control, prompt maintenance, workplace safety and less pollution.

Optical-fiber cabling runs all through the Park, both horizontally (from the mains to the individual buildings) and vertically (from the buildings’ entrances to the individual offices). Thanks to the use of optical fiber, the broadband networks can transport huge quantities of data, guaranteeing reliability, much faster speed than traditional infrastructure, and better performance. The Park’s star-type data transmission system is characterized by the presence of a central node that receives and relays all communications from user nodes. The internal network is managed directly by the Park Company.

Security system
The Tiburtino Technology Park’s security system is designed as an integrated system that to be completed step by step as the buildings are erected. The internal roads are constantly monitored by security cameras linked to the Star Center and by a remote service. A closed-circuit TV system monitor the road entrances and the internal areas.

MEGALAB network (Metropolitan E-Government Application LABoratory)
Megalab is a project supported by the Latium Region aiming at creating a super-calculus infrastructure linking the most important scientific regional organizations (ESA/ESRIN-ESA Centre for Earth Observation, I.N.F.N.- National Institute Nuclear Phisics, C.N.R./Research National Council-Tor Vergata Univeristy), so as to share resources, data and know-how. Through Megalab, each organisation could connect and cooperate with research centers, Universities and hospitals. Tecnopolo Tiburtino has been identified as one of the main network point of reference.

Other services

Further services are ready for use in the area, or are now being created.

Green area and bike paths
The Company of Tecnopolo promoted the urban and landscape area redevelopment (about 16 hectars of green private and public spaces).
Besides the bike path, within the Tecnopolo Tiburtino, we can find:

  • The Capannacce area: 9 hectars with the Tecnopolo Office Center, SMEs offices and meeting rooms.
  • The Belvedere Hill: Environmental improvement of the Belvedere Hill is one of the activities undertaken to raise the area’s urban quality. Three different entrances lead up to the hill. The view from the top stretches to the Alban Hills, the St. Eusebius Tower, the Soratte Mountain and S.Pietro dome.
  • The Calabrini Park: 2,5 hectars, a well equipped area with pedestrian way, bike path and child park, used also by Case Rosse people.

The ATAC line n.043 has been conceived and activate for people working within the Tecnopolo Tiburtino, from Monday to Friday, between h 7.00 and 9.00 a.m. and between h 5.00 and 7.00 p.m., from Underground B Stop of Ponte Mammolo to Tecnopolo Tiburtino and return.

Staff cafeteria
A large dining room in the Software House Complex is open Monday to Friday for all employees operating at the Tiburtino Technology Park. A new dining room space will be activated within the new Technology Building.

Meeting rooms
Meeting rooms for companies area available within the Capanacce area (workshop organisation, training sessions, job meetings, etc.).
Two type of meeting room are available:
– small meeting room  (15 people, equipped with video projector, wifi connection or trhough LAN network)
– large meeting room  (150 people, equipped with video projector, wifi connection or through LAN network, fixed sound system)
Together with the meeting rooms, it’s also possible to use the veranda for coffee break and lunch.
To reserve the meeting room and for costs information, please contact: Laura Cucculelli – 06/41293531 – e-mail:

Child-care facility
A child-care facility will be opened at the Tiburtino Technology Park. Designed to accommodate up to 50-60 children, it will serve the family needs of people working at the Park and of local residents.

Sports Center
The Company plans to build a sports center devoted to fitness, water sports and outdoor sports (tennis and soccer), and equipped with additional services such as refreshment areas and a wellness and thermal bath center.
This multifunctional complex will be open all year round to all employees operating at the Tiburtino Technology Park and all local residents. The Sports Center will extend over an area of 10,000 square meters.

Trade Center Leroy Merlin
The shopping Center located within the Tecnopolo Tiburtino hosts a great surface for bricolage, building, gardening, etc.

Initiatives and projects for SMEs

Tecnopolo S.p.A. supports research and technology transfer activity through specific partnerships together with companies, consortiums and networks such as Consorzio Tecno.Tiberis, Consorzio Tecnopolo di Castel Romano, Centro Sviluppo Materiali, Consorzio Roma Ricerche.

At present, the Consorzio Tecno.Tiberis (Technological Consortium for promoting Research, Innovation and Industrial Development), created in 2004 between Tecnopolo S.p.A. and Rome Research Consortium, is implementing the project “Sviluppo dell’innovazione tecnologica nel territorio regionale” (Legge Regione Lazio n.4/06) – “Regional development of technological innovation” (Latium Region Law n.4/06), co-financed by Latium Region and aiming at supporting technological transfer towards locale SMEs. On this purpose Latium Region selected n.26 projects regarding the sectors: ICT, cultural services, energy, biotechnologies.

Partnership for European Projects

Progetto UE “ICT e AgeingWell”
From January 2012, Tecnopolo is partner of the EU project “AgeingWell – Network for the Market uptake of ICT for Ageing Well”, co-financed by the EU Programme CIP ICT PSP.
The aim of AgeingWell network is to build and animate a European network focus on improving the quality of life of Elderly People by promoting the market uptake of ICT solutions for Ageing Well.
It is structured on 5 interconnected objectives: Develop guidelines for deployment and sharing of best practice between key competence centres as identified in the call text; Build an ICT for Ageing knowledge Center with the aim to share the results with the AgeingWell Community; Develop an ICT for Ageing Society Strategic Agenda, with the aim at providing a study on options for future structure and implementation of EU innovation funding, by presenting and comparing the impacts of different options for the post 2014 EU funding programmes for innovation-related activities; Promote the European innovation reinforcement between innovative ICT industries & Ageing (in particular SMEs) and Venture Capital firms, Business Angels and other; Raising awareness to European community of ICT & Ageing stakeholders.
The eight areas covered by the AgeingWell project are: respect and social inclusion, civic participation and employment, housing, community support and health services, communication and information, outdoor spaces and buildings, transportation, social participation.
For more information regarding the EU project AgeingWell, please see or contact Tecnopolo:– phone: +39/06/6791735.

Net-Share EU Project
Tecnopolo S.p.A. participated in the European thematic network Net-Share, supported by the European Commission within the ICT Policy Support programme. Net-Share is a network of experienced ICT organizations, from several European countries, to provide support to European SMEs through sharing of the experiences and knowledge gained mainly during participation in the SME domain of the former eTEN programme.
The NET SHARE project addressed the following specific objectives:

  • to set-up a network composed by experienced eTen – SME domain – coordinators and participants, sharing a common identity, code of ethics, objectives and work methods;
  • to implement methods and tools for the sharing of experiences and best practices, training, development of specific approaches and standards and providing guidance for solutions and their implementation;
  • disseminating ICT technological solutions developed by Italian and European SMEs among the Net Share partners;
  • create meeting opportunities among European SMEs developing innovative projects and practical technological solutions.

For more information regarding the EU network Net Share, please see or contact Tecnopolo:

Grants, loans and incentives

Through this web page it is possible to examine other web sites of regional, national and European interest, containing information regarding financial supporting opportunities useful for activities and projects implemented by companies and especially SMEs. The web sites above mentioned obviously are not the only ones regarding the SMEs financial measures matter; they only would provide an useful instrument for approaching all different existing financing SMEs measures. For any further information, it is possible to contact Tecnopolo S.p.A.

Regional and National financing instruments

European financing instruments 

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